WEKAF GREAT BRITAIN - Introducing Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) of Stickfighting to all

We are a fully fledged member of the global WEKAF committee with the organisation headquarters located in Cebu, Philippines.  

We would welcome all styles and systems to compete in WEKAF GREAT BRITAIN tournaments under the WEKAF competition rules and regulations.

WEKAF GREAT BRITAIN squad is one of the best stickfighting teams in the world. We are proud to have created and developed a great number of champion stickfighters who are capable of challenging on the world stage.

We are a non-funded sport who travel the world to compete. If you are interested in sponsoring the GB Team in any capacity, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.

WEKAF Registration and Annual Fees

All competitors must register annually in order to compete in any WEKAF tournaments. Fees are £15 per year to be paid in advance to the tournament you intend to compete in. Failure to pay membership fees, will render the fighter ineligible to fight at any WEKAF affiliated competitions.

The Coaching Staff
GB National Coaches:
SGM Danny Guba, GM John Harvey, Guro Norman Charles
The national coaches are experts in their field and have competed internationally, winning numerous World and European titles.  They are all volunteers who give up their time to train and support the squad to become world beaters.

167 Chestnut Avenue
Chatham, Kent ME5 9BH
Tel: 07753 579908

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